Bihar State Pollution Control Board was constituted in the year 1974 under the provisions of the Water (prevention and Control of pollution) Act, 1974. Enactment of the said Act and subsequently constitution of this Board was in pursuance of Clause -I of Article 252 of the Constitution of India. The Water Act, 1974 was made applicable in the first instance to the whole of 12 States and Union Territories. The State of Bihar was one of the said 12 States.


Since inception Bihar State Pollution Control Board, like other State Boards has been performing its functions as enumerated under section 17 of the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974. Functions, so entrusted to the Board are:

  1. Planing programme for prevention and control of pollution in the state;
  2. Advising the State Government from time to time in the matters of pollution;
  3. Collection and dissemination of informations with regard to pollution control;
  4. Conduction and participation in Research & Development (R&D) relating to water pollution;
  5. Collaboration with Central Board in organising training and mass awareness programme of grant of consent;
  6. Inspection of Treatment plant and their review for the purpose;
  7. Laying down standards of sewage and trade effluents;
  8. Evolving economical and reliable methods of effluente treatment;
  9. Evolving methods of utilisation of sewage and trade effluent for agriculture;
  10. Evolving methods of disposal of sewage and trade effluents on land;
  11. Laying down standards of treatment of sewage and trade effluent;
  12. Making any suitable order concerning prevention and control of discharges of effluent into streams or concerning construction of systems for their disposal;
  13. Laying down effluent standards to be observed by any person causing discharge of sewage or sludge;
  14. Advising the State Government with respect to the location of any industry;
  15. Performing such other functions, as may be prescribed by the Central Board of the State Government; and
  16. Establishment or recognization of laboratories for the analysis of discharges of effluent.